About Us

Empowering Dreams, Inspiring Success

Our whole job is to make learning easier, including right now as you are learning about us. So, notice that there are no questionnaires you have to complete and no forms that you have to fill out. Instead, we offer you some brief videos you can check out, some explanations as to our mission and why our students are so successful, and an invitation to give us a call so you can speak directly with our founder.


We would be lying if we said our mission was simply to educate. True, it started out that way. But we have changed.

We have looked deep into the eyes of a struggling child, and we have seen the wounded heart within. We have listened gently as a grouchy teenager complained that education didn’t matter anyway, and heard their inner longing to feel confident in school. We have been touched by the tears of a worried mom; we felt her pain when “experts” told her that her son would never be able to read.

And so we changed. We grew. We had to.

A hundred years from now, every math test, every science project, and every report card will be long forgotten. But the compassion, the gentle understanding, the victorious moments that ignite once again the spark of wonder in a child’s heart – these things, like ripples in a pond, will continue to change lives as they spread outward in time. And so we strive, far beyond the dictates of business or education, to give of ourselves.

Our culture at One-on-One is one of celebration, of wonder, of restoring the magic that comes naturally in the heart of a child, be that child 7 or 17. We are unconventional because we see our students and their learning styles as natural, wild and free, to be cherished and empowered, not crushed into a mold.

Each child is unique, filled with their own special blend of energy, curiosity, wonder, and adventure. This wonderful nature is worthy of our commitment. We believe that the most effective, most natural instruction begins with this very essence, and education should start, not from a standpoint of curriculum, but rather by looking first at how we can serve the heart and mind of each unique individual.

And we have reason to believe we are right, for we carry with us the many victories we have already won. That struggling little child? Her heart appears so much lighter every time she goes bouncing out to the car to show mom just how smart she is. That grouchy teenager? He found he could learn faster than he ever thought possible, and decided maybe school was important after all. And that mom, this time with tears of joy in her eyes, has described the moment she found herself amazed and relieved, watching her son read his first book out loud to her. So this is our mission: